Princess Poured Out The Pale Winter Moon

by Her Stems Spiral

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released April 23, 2013

All music and lyrics written & composed by Shannon Lawlor

Shannon Lawlor - Vocals + lyrics, guitar, bass guitar, violin, piano, synthesizer & additional percussion.
Matthew Watson - All drums and additional percussion.


All vocals + lyrics, guitar, bass guitar, violin, piano, synthesizer and additional percussion written and composed on the spot by Shannon Lawlor in Matthew's MoonSwing studio with 1 condenser microphone and limited software/hardware. This was an experiment to conduct the relationship between subconscious subliminal influence and the unconscious fantasies of the mind.


Everything recorded, produced & mastered by Matthew Watson.

Cover Art by David Ladmore. Follow his work below!

Liner cards by Shannon Lawlor

Contact: EyesShannon [at] gmail [dot] com



all rights reserved


Her Stems Spiral Cape Town, South Africa

Experimental project started by Shannon Lawlor of Eyes Like Mirrors to escape conventional song writing and structure. For fans of post-rock, screamo, ambient, drone, math-core & avant-garde sounds.

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Track Name: Awakening: Nature Is No Casino
As steps appear, my feet cautiously lift to settle
I'm shaking, and I've forgotten where I am
Horror and beauty pass me as I make my way to the gate
Darkness has flowered forth a forest of boarded black windows
Skeletons of bears and owls sit grinning as I pass
Trees start laughing in the withered night sky
The floor began to melt, I started to sink into the now swimming stairs
Everything is swirling, and bending, and breaking, and falling,
and drowning, and vanishing, and I can feel the end!
Track Name: Cards Drawn From The Mouth Of The Rapture
(Nature reversed would have the tables turned, she'd eat all of our children and spit out the wishbones)

...of rusted rainbows in the sun absent sky.

Sever our flesh and we'll lull the breeze
Block our spirits and we'll swallow the keys
Track Name: Asleep On The Ferris Again
(Crawled from tombs, we've been smiling since we woke up, the lines on our faces don't wash off, they've just grown. We've run from comfort for so long, maybe it's time to glow)

Throw your claws to me
Tear off my tentacles

Flush the land of it's canvas colours
Wring the stars of their luminous drip

Colours drip onto the night's coma
So swim to the orchid moon
The clouds will crash your fall
Track Name: (Copy:Soul)
Like undressed eyes
I sift through the shine

(Like undressed eyes)

Like rust in fast-forward

(The wraith of tonight)

I'm playing dead..
Track Name: Fields Of Glow
Wake up inside
Wake up asleep

To mirage

Take your comfort to the stars
Keep your hands inside your mind

(Showered in essence, we sit, and we glow)
Track Name: Rainbow Flesh, Or To Vanish
This place swallows shadows
These seeds could flourish death
But where do ghosts go to rest the heads?
They sink to the bottom of my breath

Fixed flatness calls for yawning
Sleep comes in the slowness of dim
Scribbling down circles until I'm worn
Black lungs spill solace to my mouth's brim

(Limbs rest / Hush)

Keep your thrills cold



Let's take a step back
This spine is clipped